Auto Car Mart Used Cars Should I buy a warranty from a used car dealer?

Should I buy a warranty from a used car dealer?

The simple answer is ‘yes’:  You should definitely pay for a warranty from a used car dealer. There are many options of third-party warranties that will give you a comprehensive cover as a new car owner. If you research to find out how much cost you can save by having a warranty, you will see that is usually cheaper to have a warranty for your used car than it is to be paying for repairs.

Shop Around

Most used car warranties are for 3, 6 or 12 months.  Clearly, a longer warranty will provide you with more benefit, providing the price is competitive.

Choosing a warranty can be quite tricky. But we have found some tips to help you make a good choice. The first thing you will notice among the warranty options is the range of prices. Some used car warranties are more expensive than others. Don’t be fooled by the low rates; those lower price warranties may have lots of conditions and exceptions limiting your ability to claim.

Read the Small Print

Before choosing a used car warranty ask to see a copy of the terms to know exactly what is covered. If you do not understand the information in this document, please ask for clarifications.

Some warranties may also be transferable. Before you make payments find out what happens if you choose to sell the car before the warranty cover expires. Selling the car with a warranty can also increase your bargaining edge to get a higher price from the buyer. However, you must declare the exact status of the warranty and all applicable conditions.

Every contract has warranty exclusions. It is important that you know these exclusions to avoid unnecessary bills while using the car. For example, some warranties do not cover the state of your car tyres, and the brake system. For peace of mind, you should buy a used car warranty that offers comprehensive cover.

In conclusion, it is your right to buy a warranty for your used car in the UK. Considering the unpredictable nature of cars which have become very sophisticated with newer models, a good warranty can give you considerable peace of mind.